We can design bespoke tools to meet your organisation’s specific needs, providing fair and effective assessment that is rigorous and professional whilst remaining engaging and relevant to those being assessed.

Situational Judgement Inventories (SJIs)

SJIs combine the rigour of psychometrics with the relevance and engagement of less formal exercises. We have a wealth of experience in the design and analysis of these instruments and are engaged in ongoing research in this area.

Cultural awareness tools or other psychometrics

We are experienced in developing high quality, useable and diversity friendly tools using a variety of methods including CTT and IRT.


As well as individual exercise we can develop whole assessment systems including assessment centres, development centres and selection processes.


Whether it be ability tests, personality questionnaires, emotional intelligence tests, or interest inventories.

Assessment and Development Exercises

We have developed a wide range of exercises for organisations including role plays, in –trays, e-trays, written exercises, group exercises, negotiation exercises and interviews. We combine creative and engaging scenarios that are relevant to the situation with rigorous scoring and measurement guidance.

Sift Tools

Our psychologists have a particular expertise in developing sift tools to reduce your applicant populations. Our approach and experience ensures broad based, predictive assessment with excellent diversity profiles. These tools include Hybrid questionnaires, Biodata and self-assessment tools.


We can assist you in developing a variety of questionnaire for human resources including diversity, satisfaction, staff attitudes, and performance rating questionnaires.